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About Eladio Bobadilla

Eladio Bobadilla is a PhD student in American history at Duke University. Before beginning graduate work, he completed his undergraduate degree at Weber State University. His proposed dissertation explores the changing experiences of undocumented Mexican immigrants since the 1970s and analyzes the evolution of Mexican-American views on the issue.

Beyond our Borders: Sharing the Undocumented Past with the Public

By now, two full years into graduate training and with two research summers under my belt, I have conducted a good number of oral histories. All are challenging in their own way, but the most emotionally challenging by far has been the one I conducted with my father this past summer.

Journey into an Undocumented Past: Why I Became a Historian

I became interested in history when I was deployed in the Middle East in 2008. I was troubled by boredom and the simplistic (and nationalistic) ways in which both my subordinates and superiors spoke and thought about American history