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About Julia Brookins

Julia Brookins is special projects coordinator at the AHA, and a historian of US immigration and citizenship. She has been an individual AHA member since 2007. On the blog, you will probably see her updates about AHA activities related to teaching, career exploration for students of history, and diversity, as well as some of her picks for What We’re Reading. On the AHA staff, she directs several grant projects, helps to prepare new grant applications, and is the point person for the elected Teaching Division. Julia enjoys her work supporting public-spirited scholars, educators, and other professionals who have an interest in history.

In her research, Julia is interested in the history of immigrant integration, especially in the United States. Her current project uses the case of 19th-century German migration to Texas to examine how immigrant groups have altered American nationalism and citizenship since the 1840s, and how immigrants have helped to reproduce racial hierarchies in the United States.

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Suggest a U.S. History Quiz Question

Suggest a U.S. History Quiz QuestionThe AHA is working with American Profile magazine, a Sunday newspaper supplement, to publish a cover feature on U.S. history for Independence Day 2012. It will be a history quiz of twenty-five multiple-choice questions and answers.

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