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About Rachel Van Bokkem

Rachel Van Bokkem is the AHA's publications intern. She graduated with departmental, university, and Phi Beta Kappa honors in May 2015 from Indiana University with degrees in History and Geography. At Indiana, she researched forced and slave labor during World War II. Rachel is currently pursuing her M.A. in History at American University in Washington, DC, studying gender in the Holocaust.

Connecting the Dots between History and Policymaking: My Internship at the National History Center

When I started my MA program in history at American University in Washington, DC, last fall, I was absolutely sure I was on the track to becoming a tenured professor. I have always enjoyed discussing and analyzing history, so it seemed only natural that I would join the one profession I believed to exist that would allow me to do just that. However, as I dove into my graduate coursework and research, I began to realize that academia was not the only job option available for historians.

Thanks, Prohibition! How the Eighteenth Amendment Fueled America’s Taste for Ice Cream

This past May, my classmates and I were discussing the latest fad in summer indulgences: wine ice cream. Ice cream and alcohol have been commonly paired in the past as a trendy treat, and wine ice cream is just the most recent innovation of the classic American dessert. In addition to being tasty, however, wine ice cream is perhaps the culmination of a coupling that has deep roots in history. In fact, it is clear that America’s favorite dessert—ice cream—must thank Prohibition for its variety and lasting popularity.

Grant of the Week: Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars

Every week, AHA Today showcases a new grant, fellowship, or scholarship of interest to historians which has been posted to our free Calendar. This week we are featuring the Kathryn T. Preyer Scholars program from American Society for Legal History.