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AHR Online in Transition

The October 2007 issue of the American Historical Review is now online at its new home with the University of Chicago Press.

Smithsonian TV to Debut

According to a report in the Washington Post the controversial Smithsonian Networks will begin broadcasting this Wednesday.

Carlyle Letters Online

The letters of Thomas and Jane Carlyle, those quintessential letter-writing Victorians, are now available online through Duke University Press.

Tracked in America is a new web site that provides a short history of U.S. government surveillance in America from the colonial era to the present.

Smithsonian Fires Gary Beer

In a bit of “here we go again”, the Smithsonian has fired Gary M. Beer, the CEO of Smithsonian Ventures after an inspector general's report reported that he had made thousands of dollars of unsubstantiated credit card expenditures. Beer has been ordered to repay $30,000 and was told that the Smithsonian would classify some $65,000 in expenses as "reportable income."

History on the Digital Margins

Manan Ahmed is an organizer of the roundtable session Contested Pasts and Presents: History and Memory in the Local at the 2008 AHA Annual Meeting. He has put the session abstract and the individual presenter abstracts of his session online at the “Memory Matters” blog.