2011 Annual Meeting

History and Fiction: Authors’ Thoughts from the AHA’s 125th Annual Meeting

Historical accuracy is a hot topic when judging both historical films and historical fiction. And so it’s not surprising that “How important is historical accuracy to you in writing historical fiction?” was the first question posted to panelists at session 156, “History and Fiction: Creative Intersections,” from the AHA’s 125th Annual Meeting in Boston, which took place earlier this year. Article By: Elisabeth Grant

AHA Video from the 125th Annual Meeting

While at the 125th Annual Meeting in Boston, AHA staff recorded video of the General Meeting (including the presidential address and prize presentation) and a few sessions. Following the meeting the footage was sorted and broken up (into 10 to 15 minute chunks) to be uploaded on the AHA YouTube page. Now that it’s all available we invite you to check it out. Article By: Elisabeth Grant