2016 Annual Meeting

Browsing Digital History at AHA16

by Chad Gaffield

During the past decade, historians have been embracing digital technologies to an unprecedented extent. At the 130th annual meeting of the American Historical Association earlier this year, attendees looking to take advantage of today’s digital history opportunities were indeed spoiled for choice.

The Globe, Swanage, England Photochrom Print Collection, Loc.gov

Gearing up for AHA17: From Global Migrations to Historical Scale

Midway through discussing the American National Biography at the 2016 annual meeting, general editor Susan Ware asked her audience to imagine having “a ‘Fitbit’ to track Susan B. Anthony’s jaunts.” If we could map Anthony’s 1883 trip through England, Ireland, and France, for instance, we might be able to bring the transnational dimensions of the 19th-century women’s suffrage movement into sharper focus.

A-HA Moments in Atlanta

By Jon Middaugh

The AHA received many rave reviews of the 2016 annual meeting in Atlanta, including this poem from attendee Jon Middaugh. The poem will also be published in the February issue of Perspectives on History.