The Future of the Book Review

The attendee at last Sunday’s “The Future of the Book Review” who said with happy surprise, “I really thought that this would be a doom and gloom session!” probably did not speak for herself alone. After all, this is a vocation radically transformed in recent decades by the overflow of electronic media. Only one American newspaper still has a stand-alone weekly book review section in print, and the space it allots reviews has been cut, and cut again, over the last several decades.

Historians Writing Fiction outside the Academy: Elizabeth Elliott Reflects after the Session

Historians can take a wide variety of career paths, from policy to public history and beyond. The 129th annual meeting has already hosted many sessions showcasing the nontraditional career tracks many of our colleagues have chosen. “Historians Writing Fiction: Outside of the Academy,” held on Saturday morning in the Hilton’s Sutton Center, featured three successful fiction writers who decided to leave an academic trajectory to pursue their craft independently.

Andrea Cremer, author of the bestselling Nightshade series; David Coe, an award-winning fantasy writer; and Laura Kamoie, who writes romance and historical fiction under the pen name Laura Kaye, had all earned doctorates in history before deciding to pursue fiction writing full-time.

Celebrating 157 Years of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin began as a series in a Washington, D.C. anti-slavery weekly called National Era in June of 1851.  It quickly became a hit and was released in book form on March 20, 1852. Today is the 157th birthday of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, of one of the nation’s best-selling novels. Listed below are a few web sites to explore in the celebratory spirit of the day. Article By: Jessica Pritchard