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Committee on Women Historians Brainstorming Session

The Committee on Women Historians (CWH) invites all interested annual meeting attendees to a brainstorming session on the mission of the committee. Questions will be discussed, like: Should the profession be rethinking the ways in which the public and the private, the professional and the personal have come to be divided in university life? In a moment when many gender inequities in our profession appear to have been remedied and the history of women, gender, and sexuality established in most departments, what are the urgent tasks for the AHA’s Committee on Women Historians? Article By: Debbie Ann Doyle

LGBTQ Survey

The American Historical Association’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Historians Task Force is gathering information, through this survey, from AHA members and other historians who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and/or queer (LGBTQ) or whose work is on LGBTQ history. We seek to capture information about the experiences of LGBTQ historians (broadly defined) and the treatment of LGBTQ historians in the profession and discipline of history. While other professional associations have generated reports on the status of LGBTQ scholars and scholarship in their respective disciplines (eg. modern languages and sociology) no such efforts have been undertaken within the history profession. Article By: Debbie Ann Doyle

Making the AHA and the Historical Profession Accessible

On June 4, the AHA Council accepted the report of the Task Force on Disability, a joint effort with the Disability History Association, an AHA affiliate. The report reflects three years of study and reflection about how to remove barriers to full participation in the Association and the profession. The AHA staff is already at work implementing many of the task force recommendations. In the coming months, look for a new disability resource page on our web site, improved accessibility at the annual meeting, and a campaign to add information about accessibility at various archives to our Archives Wiki. Article By: Debbie Ann Doyle

Task Force on Disability Survey

The American Historical Association’s Task Force on Disability is gathering information about the status and concerns of historians with disabilities in order to propose concrete, practical solutions for as many of them as possible.