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The Past is Ever Present: Presidential Sessions at the 2016 Annual Meeting

By Vicki L. Ruiz

As the 2016 annual meeting in Atlanta approaches, I would like to acknowledge the members of the Program Committee, the Presidential Subcommittee, the Local Arrangements Committee, and the AHA professional staff—all the individuals who have invested many hours of thought and labor in putting together this robust conference program. The theme “Global Migrations: Empires, Nations, and Neighbors” underscores the relevance of our work as scholars and educators. Indeed, in the shadow of Stone Mountain, the Thursday evening plenary “The Confederacy, Its Symbols, and the Politics of Public Culture” will feature such notable colleagues as Daina Ramey Berry, W.

November 24, 2015

AHA Addresses Historical Issues in Supreme Court DOMA Case

The American Historical Association has joined a group of individual distinguished historians in signing an amicus brief in US v. Windsor, a case before the Supreme Court contesting the validity of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). As is so often the case in legal contexts, the details can get lost in the swirl of broader issues and we want to clarify some important aspects of the AHA’s decision.

AHA President Participates in Discussion on Visa Problems of Foreign Scholars

AHA President Barbara Weinstein recently participated in a live, online discussion about the difficulties experienced by foreign scholars seeking entry to the United States. Weinstein pointed to the various steps that the AHA and other academic organizations had taken in such individual cases as that of Waskar Ari (the Bolivian historian who could not take up a position at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln because his visa was cancelled by U.S. authorities), but declared that what was needed was more concerted, broad-based efforts by learned societies and college presidents.