LGBTQ History

Trans-ing History on the Web: The Digital Transgender Archive

When College of the Holy Cross professor K.J. Rawson first imagined what would become the Digital Transgender Archive (DTA), he had in mind something fairly simple: a collection of finding aids that would solve a problem he’d faced himself as a researcher—the difficulty of figuring out “where transgender-related materials are held.” The collection Rawson envisioned would guide researchers through the contents of scattered transgender history archives. What emerged instead is a multi-institution collaboration; a centralized digital repository of unprecedented scale that has made accessible digitized materials related to transgender history gathered from collections across the world.

Queer History at the 2016 Annual Meeting

By Nicholas L. Syrett

Unlike some fields of history, those interested in the LGBTQ past do not have a regular annual or biannual meeting. Because of this, the Committee on LGBT History—the AHA affiliate organization for queer historians and those who study LGBT history—has been embedding a mini-conference into each annual meeting for several years. The 2016 meeting in Atlanta is no exception. The CLGBTH is sponsoring or endorsing a session in each and every time slot from Thursday through Sunday, January 7–10.