Military History

All History Is Local: Debating the Fate of a Confederate Soldier Statue in Maryland

My barber and I occasionally talk about Rockville past as he gives me my biweekly trim. It’s usually in the vein of “My mother remembered when Rockville had wooden sidewalks” or “I can remember when your neighborhood was open fields.” Last Saturday I started it by saying, “What do you think about this meeting on Monday about the Confederate soldier statue?” “Oh, I knew that would come up again,” he replied.

Wars and Worries: A Late Addition to the G.I. Roundtable Series

For anyone interested in World War II era history, we have just posted up a pamphlet on the question _Shall We Have Universal Military Training_. The pamphlet was originally written in early 1944 by Grayson L. Kirk, a government professor at Columbia University, at a time when members of the Franklin Roosevelt’s administration were actively promoting the idea of peacetime conscription to maintain a standing army after the war. At the last minute, however, members of George C. Marshall's staff feared this pamphlet was too political and destroyed all 200,000 printed copies.