Women’s History

Now Available: A Perspectives on History Forum on Teaching Women’s History

We are pleased to make available, in the “ungated” section of Perspectives Online, a series of articles on women’s history in the classroom. In four short essays, these experienced teachers capture the amazing breadth, depth, and opportunities presented by this dynamic and centrally important study. Readers will gain a retrospective view while learning of new trends and questions being posed in both teaching and research. Follow the links below to the full articles.

Opening Doors on “Women’s Worlds”: A New Web Archive Highlights Women and Families in Iran

Historian Afsaneh Najmabadi, winner of the AHA’s 2005 Joan Kelly Memorial Prize, has spent the last few years not working in archives, but building an archive. Last week, at an event hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), she walked through the results of her efforts: “Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran,” a digital collection of family papers, official documents, and personal belongings that attempts to open avenues of research into the lives and influence of women in Iran from 1796–1925.

Women’s History Month: Meet Nellie Neilson

Many of the stories we will hear during Women’s History Month will be of “firsts” of pioneers and trailblazers. Often these stories are cast as turning points and new beginnings, as if once the barriers were knocked down, a new world suddenly appeared. But the story of Nellie Neilson, the American Historical Association’s first female president, shows how halting and sporadic change can be. Article By: Allen Mikaelian