Guest Submissions to AHA Today

What We Publish

AHA Today publishes posts on a variety of topics relevant to AHA members and the history discipline. Authors may reflect on current historical research or projects, issues of importance to the history profession, and methods for teaching history. Submissions must be original and not submitted elsewhere, including online platforms. Pieces should be substantive in nature, not simply accounts or summaries of the topics being covered; posts should have a main idea and examine the subject from a specific perspective. The AHA is interested in the experiences and work of members and historians at large, and we encourage submissions for AHA Today.

What We Do Not Publish

  • Publicity for books or similar works: While a post may mention a scholarly work, the focus of the post must be distinct from the book itself.
  • Sponsored articles or promotional material for commercial products or services.
  • Announcements: If you wish to submit an announcement of any kind, please enter it into our free Calendar. Selections for inclusion in AHA Today’s “Grant of the Week” series are at the discretion of AHA editorial staff.
  • Any content with a polemical tone: AHA Today is meant to be a space for constructive discourse.
  • Overtly political content: The AHA is a non-partisan organization, and as such AHA Today is a non-partisan blog. While posts on the historical context of a given political subject are encouraged, we will not consider posts which take a stance on the issue itself. (A political subject the AHA does take a stance on, and which we are happy to discuss on the blog, would be legislation or government regulations relating to the work of historians.)

Guidelines for Submission

AHA Today posts range from 800 to 1,000 words in length. All guest posts are edited; AHA editorial staff will review the post and then contact you with any suggestions for revisions. We reserve the right to refuse a post if we determine it is inappropriate for publication on AHA Today.

If you refer to online materials in your post, please include hyperlinks to them. If you wish to include photographs, send them in the email along with your post text; JPEG, TIFF, and PNG are all acceptable file formats. Be sure to provide captions and credits for any photographs. It is the responsibility of the guest blogger to secure permissions from the image copyright holder. Permissions should be forwarded to the web editor along with the image and the associated credit line.

Along with the body of your post, please send a biography of no more than 50 words. You may include a headshot of yourself, as well as references and links to your professional website and/or Twitter handle.

If you would like to submit a post for consideration, please email Kritika Agarwal, using the following subject line: “AHA Today Submission.”