Collaborative Historical Research: Notes from Eastern and Central Africa

Editor’s Note: This piece is second in a series of two posts on collaborative historical research. The first post can be found at  By Catherine Cymone Fourshey and Christine Saidi Between 1880 and the early 1960s, all of Africa, except Ethiopia and Liberia, was under colonial occupation by European powers. Colonial rule came with political […]

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April 5, 2018

AHA Member Spotlight: Joshua Wright

Joshua Wright is an associate professor of history and coordinator for the Social Studies Teacher Education Program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). He lives in Salisbury, Maryland, and has been a member since 2009. 

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April 3, 2018

Exploring Career Possibilities with ImaginePhD

By Kaete O’Connell I arrived at my first AHA annual meeting layered in clothing and emotions. The expected trepidation (is there anything more overwhelming than stepping into a hotel literally buzzing with historians?), was coupled with curiosity and a smidge of excitement. I was attending as an observer, getting my feet wet for next year […]

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April 2, 2018

Food in the West: Using TimelineJS in the Classroom

By Julia M. Gossard “Never underestimate the ‘hangry.’” This might as well be one of the learning objectives in my Foundations of Western Civilization course at Utah State University. Whether the bread riots of the 1790s in France, the “Hungry 1840s,” or the starvation of Russian citizens after the conclusion of World War II, food […]

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March 29, 2018