The Roman ruins of Volubilis near Moulay Idriss. A portion of the Capitoline temple can be seen at left. Photograph courtesy of author.

An Americanist in Meknès: Applying Historical Training and Skills to Diverse Careers

By Darren A. Raspa

At its finest the news media connects us with human stories and events. As historians, it is these records of humanity from the past that drive us and link us to the people, events, and processes we have the privilege of dedicating our lives to. As a contributing historical editor for Morocco World News last summer, I had the immense opportunity to both participate in the writing of history as it unfolds today, and utilize the tools we have developed as trained historians.

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Inside Ben Franklin’s World: An Interview with Podcaster Liz Covart

In February, Perspectives on History ran a story exploring the current boom in history podcasts, and found that podcasts allow historians to both disseminate their work to a wider audience and to develop professional connections with other academics. AHA Today recently spoke with Liz Covart, creator of Ben Franklin’s World, an interview-driven podcast focusing on current scholarship in early American history, about her experiences in the world of history podcasting.

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Grant of the Week

Grant of the Week: Institute on World War II and the Human Experience Travel Grant Program

Every week, AHA Today showcases a new grant, fellowship, or scholarship of interest to historians which has been posted to our free Calendar.

Honoring the memory and lasting vision of Thomas C. Cundy, Sr. the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience, Department of History, Florida State University anticipates offering at least one $500 travel grant for scholars and graduate students (ABD) to use its holdings in 2016-2017.

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Figure of ivory carver. Late 19th c. Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahwaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai. Photo by Martha Chaiklin

AHA Member Spotlight: Martha Chaiklin

AHA members are involved in all fields of history, with wide-ranging specializations, interests, and areas of employment. To recognize our talented and eclectic membership, AHA Today features a regular AHA Member Spotlight series.

Martha Chaiklin is currently affiliated with Zayed University. She lives in Dubai and has been a member since 2004.

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A reflection of the past? Many commentators and historians have seen direct continuities between today’s Russia and the Soviet and tsarist past. 
Credit: Artist KEMO; KEMOs Gallery:

Is Today’s Russia a Relic of the Past? A New Look at Contemporary Theories of Soviet History

By Michael David-Fox

To what extent are Vladimir Putin and today’s Russia recapitulating the tsarist and Soviet past? As Russia roared back into the headlines with the war in east Ukraine, the 2014 annexation of Crimea, and an authoritarian crackdown that has trumpeted antagonism toward the West, popular discussions in this country have frequently portrayed contemporary Russia as a relic of earlier times and Putin as a new tsar or a budding Stalin.

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