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Session of the Week: Common Core

The Common Core State Standards Initiative seeks to establish consistent educational standards that ensure high school graduates are prepared for college or the workforce. In regards to the subject of history, Common Core skills emphasize mastery over analysis and writing rather than rote memorization of historical facts.

In this workshop, presenters from the California History-Social Science Project will demonstrate how to teach argumentative writing to students at the 5th, 8th, and 11th grade levels. The 5th-grade and 8th-grade lessons ask students to launch a historical investigation into the Boston Massacre.

Exploring New York at AHA 2015

So: you’re coming to New York City. Maybe for the first time; maybe the hundredth.  However well you know the terrain, there’s always more to learn—that’s one of the city’s principal charms, and for newcomers, its principal terrors. “Give me such shows,” wrote Walt Whitman, “give me the streets of Manhattan!”

The AHA aims to give you not only the streets of Manhattan but the streets of Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn too, with 28 planned tours highlighting the city’s history and historical resources.

Innovation in Digital Publishing: An AHA 2015 Panel and Blog Series

The Innovation in Digital Publishing in the Humanities session at the American Historical Association’s 2015 annual meeting in New York is co-presented by the Wellcome Trust and the New York Academy of Medicine’s Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health.

Guest post from Lisa O’Sullivan, Director, Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health

By now it’s axiomatic that the digital world poses new opportunities and challenges for researchers, libraries, educational institutions, and publishers, which must be engaged with digital formats in a sustained and thoughtful way.