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Letter of Concern to University of Illinois Chancellor Regarding Salaita Case

Over the past few weeks the Chancellor and Trustees of the University of Illinois have received a rising tide of criticism from across the academic community for the handling of the “Salaita Case.” The American Historical Association has followed this case closely with growing concern about its implications for academic freedom. President Jan Goldstein, President-Elect Vicki Ruiz and Immediate Past President Kenneth Pomeranz have now written an open letter to Chancellor Phyllis Wise of the University of Illinois. The letter urges the Chancellor to “reinstate the offer of a tenured position” to Professor Salaita.


AHA Statement of Support for Revised Framework for Advanced Placement U.S. History

The release of a new “framework” for the Advanced Placement examination in United States History has provoked controversy over the nature and content of the AP course. The AHA supports the direction that the College Board has taken with this new approach to Advanced Placement history education, as indicated in the framework and in the sample exam subsequently released by the Board.