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Coming Soon: AHA Roundtables on the Presidential Debates

The AHA announces a series of online forums featuring prominent historians commenting on the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates.  This conversation is part of an ongoing AHA Roundtable, arising from the Association’s commitment to injecting historical thinking into public culture.   For each debate we have assembled approximately four to five historians working in fields likely to be covered, and asked them to provide us with their responses by the following morning. 

The AHA Roundtable series brings together professional historians to offer historically informed commentary on current events.

AHA Roundtable: Historians’ Perspectives on the Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

In light of the historic importance of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision, and with the belief that history can help inform debate on any contemporary topic, we offer three commentaries from professors of history on yesterday’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

Alan Brinkley, Columbia University

Having prepared comments on the demise of the health care bill, I am happily surprised that the Court has sustained it. Over the months of waiting, I had thought that the only conservative justice who might support the bill would be Kennedy.