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Geoffrey & Carmen:
A Memoir in Four Movements, a photography exhibition found at the DuSable Museum of African American History.

Black History Month in the Archives and Libraries

Every February, ProQuest, the online subscription service for journals, archives, and other historical delicacies unlocks its African American digital archives for Black History Month. This year is no exception, with open access in the month of February for the following ProQuest products: Historical Newspapers™ – Black Newspapers, Black Studies Center (primary and secondary resources), as well as its Civil War Era (newspapers and pamphlets) and African American Heritage (family-related records) databases. It would be hard to overstate the incredible range and depth of material available and it’s well worth taking some time to dive into what’s available even if this isn’t your main area of research, before it gets locked down again at the end of the month.


What We’re Reading: February 7, 2013

In Today’s What We’re Reading, we feature readings related to Black History Month, an article from Ed Ayers on ways research and teaching can be brought together through digital technology, and a Downton Abbey plot line gets diagnosed.

February 7, 2013