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Summer Tips for Visiting Archives

Few things can compare with the rich and rewarding hours spent in the archives, gingerly thumbing through documents and reading the historical record. With summer upon us, many historians will be heading to far-flung archives, but with access limited by recent budget cuts, it’s particularly important to carefully plan your trip well in advance. With this in mind, we put together a list of tips for researching in the archives this summer, with generous insights from colleagues like Claire Potter and Kate Theimer, blogger at ArchivesNext.

Jean-Baptiste Michel on The Mathematics of History

TED Talks You Should Be Watching

We know TED as the slightly hipper-than-thou conference of short public talks about ideas and innovation with a high WOW quotient. With its strong focus on science and technology and, to a lesser extent, art and education, it can sometimes be hard for historians to find themselves and their concerns reflected. To help out, we’ve culled the TED archives to find 10 talks that historians should at least know about, and maybe even watch. You may not always agree with every point, or find each one relevant, but every talk has something that is provocative or insightful about our profession, our talents, and our place in the larger world.


Top Tumblrs for Historians

Tumblr is a virtual goldmine of creative, niche micro-blogs. A few weeks ago, I asked our Twitter followers to recommend their favorite funny Tumblrs, and received a number of endorsements. I rounded up the top recommendations into a short list, guaranteed to distract you for a few hours. Take a look, and let us know if we missed any.

*Fair warning, some of the Tumblrs use colorful language.