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New Report Reveals STEM Doctorates Encounter Similar Job Shortages

Further on the topic of higher education and the job market for doctoral students, Jordan Weissmann has published an article for the Atlantic illustrating (through a series of seven charts) the job prospects for recently graduated Ph.D.’s in the humanities, science, education, and other programs. Based upon the lack of postdoctoral spots, he finds humanities scholars are “both more likely to have a job upon graduating than any of their peers in the sciences and more likely to be searching for employment.”


Reconsidering the Dissertation

Stacey Patton has written a thought-provoking piece for the Chronicle that touches upon a few conversations currently going on regarding the job market and alternative career training. In the article, “The Dissertation Can No Longer Be Defended,” Patton argues that many scholars in academia (most notably History and English faculty) consider the dissertation broken, a “stubborn relic that has limited value to many scholars’ careers and, ultimately, might just be a waste of time.” Former AHA President Anthony Grafton disagrees, arguing “For me, the dissertation makes intellectual sense only as a historian’s quest to work out the problem that matters most to him or her.”