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Image courtesy of the Chronicle of Higher Education

Stories from the Job Center, and a Few Suggestions

Followers of this blog might enjoy reading this brief narrative of campus and AHA annual meeting job interviews.  The comments following the article are worth a glance as well.  However one might respond to the article and the diverse commentary, I would like to suggest that the author’s experience points to the utility of attending an AHA annual meeting before one is on the job market (academic or otherwise).  We have instituted registration policies and negotiated hotel rates that make attendance more financially feasible for students, especially since transportation costs for the foreseeable future will be defined by fares to a “hub city.”


From Articles to Advocacy: The Chronicle Moves Into Activism with the Launch of the Adjunct Project

After publishing a number of important columns highlighting the pay and working conditions of adjuncts, the Chronicle of Higher Education recently took a step from what one commenter called, “occasional ‘objective’ coverage to activism” with the launch of the Adjunct Project, a new tool for adjuncts and the people who hire them.

The tool, which employs a sleek, easy-to-use interface using icons from the Noun Project, supports three main tasks: submit salary data, searching salary data, and advice on teaching and working as an adjunct.