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Fall Job Ads Now Online

For those looking to get an early start on the job search for the 2014–15 academic year, many ads that will appear in the fall issues of Perspectives on History are now being posted online.

Perspectives on History, June

Now Available at Perspectives Online:

Three Books on Doing History

Now open and available to all, James Herbert, former director of research programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities, reviews three books on doing history and what that means: Being a Historian by James M. Banner Jr., History Hunting by James Cortada, and History in Practice by Ludmilla Jordanova.

A common theme that Herbert points out is how “All three of these books humbly refrain from claiming high epistemological status for history … . All three, however, calmly assume the utility of history, of what Jordanova calls ‘the past’s perennial usefulness in the present.’” With this in mind, Herbert goes on to discuss the central role that public (or “applied”) history plays in each of these books, in the expanded career choices for students of history, and in the discipline as a whole.

Hiring: AHA Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives

The American Historical Association is seeking a Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives. The Director of Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives will oversee the AHA’s communications with members and other constituencies. This includes print and digital publishing, web design, information management, and membership – all part of a strategy to enable the American Historical Association’s programs and activities to take maximum advantage of the new digital environments in which historians work. The AHA seeks a scholar with the skills and vision to help lead the development of the AHA as the nation’s most important hub for the work of professional historians in the 21st century.

Hiring: AHA Program Assistant

The American Historical Association is seeking a Program Assistant. The Program Assistant provides support for the program and executive staff at the Association’s headquarters office, including assistance with projects, prizes and fellowships, committees, and ongoing operational work.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Provide administrative support for the executive director
  • Provide administrative support for AHA council and committees, including preparation of meeting
    agendas and materials, research (online and at the Library of Congress), and follow-up reports
  • Provide administrative support for the Association’s annual prize and fellowship competitions
  • Assist with meeting and event planning for special projects, correspondence and group communications,
    online research (including history content, market research, and product pricing), updating online
    content, and reimbursement processing and tracking
  • Serve as backup for administrative office assistant when needed, including answering the telephone
    during office hours and sorting and distributing incoming Association mail
  • Attend the AHA annual meeting and perform logistical and customer service tasks as requested.

Underpaid and Underappreciated: A Portrait of Part-time Faculty Members

It will come as no surprise that faculty employed in part-time and adjunct positions are often underpaid and underappreciated, but a new report from the Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAW) adds some hard numbers to back up the anecdotes. Drawing on responses from 10,331 faculty members employed in part-time teaching positions in the fall of 2010, the CAW report demonstrates the limited pay, support, and appreciation provided to most of those employed in those positions.

The results closely resemble findings from a very similar survey of history faculty conducted back in 1999 (see Robert Townsend, “Part-time Faculty Surveys Highlight Disturbing Trends”).