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Perspectives on History, June

Opening the Journal and the AHA’s Online Journey: Two Trending Perspectives Articles Now Open

Two articles published in the May issue of Perspectives on History have become part of conversations online, and we wanted them to be available to a wider audience. They are now open to members and non-members alike.*

In “Opening the Journal,” Hong-Ming Liang offers insights into what a journal can do to serve the college, community, and liberal arts. As chief editor of the Middle Ground Journal, Liang cultivates a commitment to history in his student interns, who take on teaching and mentoring roles at a local public charter school.

AHA Statement on Scholarly Journal Publishing

The American Historical Association voices concerns about recent developments in the debates over “open access” to research published in scholarly journals. The conversation has been framed by the particular characteristics and economics of science publishing, a landscape considerably different from the terrain of scholarship in the humanities. The governing Council of the AHA has unanimously approved the following statement. We welcome further discussion in the comment section below.

AHA Statement on Scholarly Journal Publishing
(4 September 2012)

Many members of the international scholarly and scientific community are justifiably concerned by a growing inequality of access to the fruits of their labors.