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Introducing AHA Today: 3.0

Today we are excited to introduce a new version of AHA Today. We’ve simplified the design to make it easier to discover and share content and to follow the topics you care about. Here are just a few new features of the site:

  • Related tags. Find topics related to the article you are reading.
  • Shortened URLs. Generate a bit.ly link and share an article without leaving the page.
  • Social media streaming in the comments. See what readers are saying about the article you are reading in the comments.

AHA Roundtable: Historians’ Perspectives on

Web Ethics

How is the web, particularly social media properties like Twitter, changing the way scholars communicate and form connections with each other? When I first started considering this question after the AHA annual meeting in New Orleans, I had been talking with bloggers and self-described “Twitterstorians” who had expressed concern over the lack of live-tweeting etiquette at conferences and meetings. Intrigued, we responded by crowdsourcing a “Dos and Don’ts of Live-Tweeting” list,  but quickly realized that we needed to have a much broader conversation about ethical web practices and the future web environment for scholars.