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What We’re Reading: 126th Annual Meeting Edition

While Twitter provided a space for quick commentary on the 126th annual meeting, more detailed coverage of sessions, events, and discussions on the history profession at the meeting can be found in a number of news articles and blog posts online. Today, we’ve rounded up of coverage of the 126th annual meeting, from the AHA itself, to the New York Times, Chronicle, and Insider Higher, to the blogosphere. Article By: Elisabeth Grant
January 12, 2012

Session of the Week: Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Current events are better understood through historical context. Such is the case with annual meeting session “Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Lessons Learned from Integrating Minorities and Women in the U.S. Military,” today’s “Session of the Week.” Scholars in this session will present papers on race relations in the military in the 1970s, sex discrimination in the Army Nurse Corps in the 1950s, the challenges of integrating women into the U.S. military, and updates on the end of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.
December 7, 2011