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How to Write a History of Information – Audio of the 126th Annual Meeting Plenary Session

Opening of the 126th Annual Meeting plenary sessionAt the Opening of the 126th Annual Meeting last month, reported on here, Anthony Grafton and Ann M. Blair chaired “How to Write a History of Information: A Session in Honor of Peter Burke.”

Panelists at this plenary session explored how information travels and is organized in archives, as well as the origins of the terms “data” and “information.”

A complete audio recording of this session is now available. Listen through the player below, or download an MP3 version.

Annual Meeting Product Sale

The AHA was pleased to receive so much positive feedback about the logo for the 126th annual meeting. If you’re one of the logo’s many fans, consider purchasing it on a t-shirt or poster, now on sale at discounted prices from the meeting. Members receive an additional 30% discount.

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January 25, 2012

Council Decisions, January 2012

The following action items were approved at the two Council meetings, January 5 and 8, 2012, at the 126th annual meeting.

  • Approved the minutes of the June 2011 meeting.
  • Approved the selection of 2012 Honorary Foreign Member (to be conferred at the 2013 Annual Meeting).
  • Approved nominations from the AHA Committee on Committees for 2012.
  • Approved a clarification of the conflict of interest statement for all prize and program committees.
  • Approved a revision to the application process for the Asher Prize.

Videos from the 126th Annual Meeting

Various events and sessions from the 126th annual meeting this past January 5-8, 2012 in Chicago, have been blogged and tweeted about all over the web. But now, whether you attended the meeting, or wished you could have, you can now watch a number of 126th annual meeting sessions and events through videos posted on the AHA’s YouTube channel. More videos are to come, and when they do we’ll add them to this post.

Presidential Address
At the General Meeting, on Friday of the annual meeting, now-former AHA President Anthony Grafton delivered his presidential address: “The Republic of Letters in the American Colonies: Francis Daniel Pastorius Makes a Notebook in the Wilderness.” In the address, Grafton offered a fascinating, and often amusing, look at Francis Daniel Pastorius’s method of reading: pen in hand, recording and responding, reading in an active and energetic way.

Whither the Future of the History Textbook

Two printed materials arrive predictably on Ann West’s front porch: the Boston Globe and the Yellow Pages. West, a panelist at the 126th annual meeting, session 232, “Whither the Future of the History Textbook,” and editor at Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, clings to her Globe subscription, but nevertheless wonders if it, like “the printed telephone book, is destined for the dust heap of history.” After all, the phone book is heavy, cumbersome, and contains information more easily accessible online; and in the time it takes to publish a printed newspaper, its stories are often no longer current.

January 20, 2012

Jobs in the History Profession: Two Sessions at the 126th Annual Meeting

Job Center AHA 126th annual meetingOf the nearly 5,000 attendees at this year’s annual meeting were some ostensibly similar historians who’d come to Chicago for two quite dissimilar reasons. There were those eager to participate in one or more of the 250 panels covering an astonishing array of topics, and those—just as eager, but surely more anxious too—with their eye on only one prize: a job. Some of these aspiring applicants were newly minted PhDs arriving for their first interviews; others had earned their degrees years before and had since been bouncing around in a profession that has far more aspirants than it does steady jobs.

January 18, 2012

Job Searches Hold Steady – 126th Annual Meeting

Job Center AHA 126th annual meetingOver 160 search committees conducted interviews at the AHA’s 126th annual meeting this January, holding steady from last year and showing a continued recovery from the nadir of 115 in 2010.

Fifty-nine searches interviewed at tables, while 45 reserved rooms through the annual meeting Job Center. In addition, we received information about 51 searches in privately arranged suites, greatly helping candidates find the correct room in time for their interviews. The Job Center Information Booth acts as a central hub for information about searches being conducted during the annual meeting, and we encourage all committees to report their locations to us as soon as they check in.

Tweeting the 126th Annual Meeting

Twitter - 126th annual meetingFollowing the AHA’s 126th annual meeting this year on Twitter, through over 4,500 tweets, was fascinating. Attendees, as well as those following along from home, connected with other participants, shared links to resources and thoughts on sessions, and gave a dynamic glimpse into the various events and conversations going on at the meeting.

When Twitter first came online in 2006, many of its critics saw it as a place for inane personal updates. And while that is certainly still the case for some users, Twitter has also developed into a tool for communicating ideas and creating scholarly debate.