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U.S. State Archives and Government Information Secrecy: Access and Historical Research

Since at least the Reagan administration, Social Security has been likened to the “third rail” in American politics: the issue no one will touch for fear of being singed. The metaphor was invoked yesterday by Carl Ashley—a historian at the Department of State and a panelist at AHA session 31, “U.S. State Archives and Government Information Secrecy”—to capture the feeling in his office about a very different issue: WikiLeaks. His comparison drew a chuckle but little else: despite the panel’s suggestive name, and the presence of current and former members of the CIA, the mood in the room was mellow and agreeable. Article By: Sarah Fenton, AHA Consulting Editor

Friday Overview – 126th Annual Meeting

Today's main event is the General Meeting (8:30–10:30 p.m., Sheraton, Chicago Ballroom VI), featuring Anthony Grafton’s presidential address and the presentation of the recipients of the AHA’s 2011 prizes and awards, including the eighth Theodore Roosevelt-Woodrow Wilson Public Service Award to Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (accepted on her behalf by Judge Diane P. Wood). Read on for a roundup of sessions, open forums, and films taking place today at the 126th annual meeting. Article By: Elisabeth Grant