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What We’re Reading: September 30, 2010 Edition

This week we announced the Survey of Contingent Faculty Members, and in today's "What We're Reading," we link to Inside Higher Ed's look at it. Also in the news is the National Research Council's assessment of Research Doctoral Programs. Check out a number of links that consider this data. Then, read on to a Wall Street Journal article on the impact a school's reputation on one's future career. We also link to news on an upcoming Civil War Symposium and a new campaign to rename George Mason's Center for History and New Media after Roy Rosenzweig. Finally, check out a push for the National Women's History Museum bill, audio from the African American Political Scientist Oral History Project, a documentary on Daniel Ellsberg, another look at the Kennedy-Nixon debates, tracking down correct historical quotes, and a way to use Twitter to motivate. Article By: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, and Robert B. Townsend
September 30, 2010

What We’re Reading: October 2, 2008 Edition

In honor of the annual meeting, still a few months away, we start this What We’re Reading off with a look at Google’s new transit map project and an article from the New York Times on how New Yorkers can still help tourists find their way. Then, learn what it takes to start a museum, check out the history of African Americans in Congress, discover how the Internet turns historical errors into facts, read about conservatives funding history programs, plan a trip to Union Station to celebrate its centennial, and hear about a new lawsuit against Zotero. Finally, see two WWII related articles: a new exhibition of postal memorabilia that document the Holocaust and a look into the deterioration of Hitler's health. Article By: Debbie Ann Doyle, Elisabeth Grant, Jessica Pritchard, Robert B. Townsend, and Sharon K. Tune

What We’re Reading: September 4, 2008

This week’s post contains links to articles, interactive web features, and news from a museum and a historic home. Read about political scientists’ claims that those in the social sciences get more grants, and consider Lisa Spiro’s question of Wikipedia’s academic merits. On the digital history front, “Making the History of 1989” has officially launched; an interactive map shows Washington, D.C. in 1791; and a podcast chronicles the history of baseball. Finally, the Library of Congress embraces the Book of Secrets and James Madison’s home improvement is complete.
September 4, 2008

Gulag History Goes Live

As we noted in January, George Mason University’s Center for History and New Media has been working on an online Gulag history project in conjunction with scholars in Russia. That site, Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives, went live in June.