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Action Items at AHA Council Meeting, January 6 and 9, 2011

At the second half of the semi-annual meeting of the Council of the American Historical Association, held Sunday, January 9th, the governing board made the following decisions (see decisions from the first half of the meeting here):

  • Approved the following memorial for our colleague, AHA Vice President David Weber:
  • Whereas David Weber revitalized the study of the Spanish or Mexican borderlands;
  • Whereas Professor Weber brought into common enterprise scholars in the fields of Latin American history, early American history, Western American history, Native American History, transnational history, religious history, colonial history, intellectual history, and the history of race relations;
  • Whereas, in the Clements Center at Southern Methodist University, David Weber created an institution that has advanced the study of history and encouraged and guided countless young scholars;
  • Whereas David Weber’s service as the Vice President of the Professional Division of the AHA met the highest standard for leadership, loyalty, thoroughness, and commitment to the well-being of his fellow historians;
  • Whereas David Weber was, in the phrasing of one fellow scholar, “el maestro de las imensidades,”
  • Therefore the Council of the American Historical Association now recognizes and celebrates the lasting legacy that David Weber and his work have left to his profession and to this Association.
January 19, 2011

Council Decisions January 6, 2011

At the semi-annual meeting of the Council of the American Historical Association yesterday, the governing board made the final decisions:

  • Approved the minutes of the June 2010 meeting, as well as the minutes of other online votes and discussions in 2010.
  • Approved the selection of 2011 Honorary Foreign Member.
  • Accepted the annual audit report for the 2009–10 fiscal year.
  • Approved a slate of nominations from the AHA Committee on Committees for 2011.
  • Accepted an application for affiliation from the Business History Conference.

2010 AHA Election Results

These individuals will begin their terms of office following the 125th Annual Meeting in Boston.

Anthony Grafton (Princeton Univ.)

William Cronon (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

Vice-President, Professional Division
Jacqueline Jones (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

Councilor Profession
Sara Abosch (Univ. of Memphis)

Councilor Research
Martha Howell (Columbia Univ.)

Councilor Teaching
Anne F. Hyde (Colorado Coll.)

Committee on Committees
John Connelly (Univ. of California, Berkeley)

Nominating Committee
Position 1: Raul A. Ramos (Univ. of Houston)
Position 2: Pekka J. Hämäläinen (Univ.

November 18, 2010

Council Approves Establishment of Interest Groups within the AHA

Members of the American Historical Association will now be able to create interest groups (organized bodies of history specialists), under a policy approved by Council in January. The new interest groups are intended to supplement the existing affiliated societies—creating opportunities for new or underserved areas of topical and professional interest to develop within the AHA.

Drawing on the experience of the other disciplinary societies, we believe interest groups will provide individual members with a more comfortable home within the AHA.

Council Makes Committee Appointments for 2010

At its meeting on Wednesday, the AHA Council appointed 55 new committee members, who will serve on 36 prize, grant, and policy committees of the Association. The committee members are the lifeblood of the organization—providing the essential intellectual work that assures the best work in the field is recognized, and particular interests in the discipline are advanced.

Members were appointed to four policy committees (on affiliated societies, minority historians, women, and graduate and early career issues), 28 prize and award committees, and four grant and fellowship selection committees.

Council Approves Name Change for Rosenzweig Prize

At its meeting yesterday, the AHA Council unanimously agreed to rename the Roy Rosenzweig Fellowship for Innovation in Digital History, making it the Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History. This brings the name into line with reality, as the award is simply a cash prize for an innovative work in the field.

The prize, jointly sponsored by the AHA and George Mason University’s Center for History and New Media (CHNM), is intended to honor and support work on an innovative and freely available new media project, and in particular for work that reflects thoughtful, critical, and rigorous engagement with technology and the practice of history.

Council Approves Two New Affiliates

At its meeting today, the AHA Council approved applications for affiliation from the National Coalition for Independent Scholars and the Toynbee Prize Foundation, joining 114 other affiliated societies. Affiliates receive rooms for session and other functions at the AHA meeting (at no charge), are listed in our online Directory of Affiliated Societies, and are also invited to submit information to the “Affiliate News” column in Perspectives on History.

They Council also rescinded the suspension of affiliate status for the Ukrainian Historical Association, which was imposed in June 2009.

2009 AHA Election Results

See below for the winners of the 2009 AHA Election. These individuals will begin their terms of office following the 124th Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Barbara Metcalf (Univ. of California at Davis, emerita)

Anthony Grafton (Princeton Univ.)

Vice-President, Teaching Division
Patricia Nelson Limerick (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder)

Councilor Profession
Laura Isabel Serna (Florida State Univ.)

Councilor Research
Thomas J. Sugrue (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

Councilor Teaching
Cheryll Ann Cody (Southwest Coll., Houston Community Coll.)

Committee on Committees
Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra (Univ.

November 24, 2009