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AHA Establishes Technology Advisory Committee

The Association has established a Technology Advisory Committee, to provide guidance to the AHA Council and staff on how the organization’s electronic publishing program might do better today and where it should be five years from now.

The committee effort grows out of recent efforts to assess the future of the AHA. As part of that review, members of the AHA Council became concerned that the AHA’s electronic publishing program is not keeping pace with the latest technological developments, and that the current web site has become rather cluttered and difficult to navigate.

September 21, 2009

AHA Membership Grows Modestly, as History of Religion Surpasses Culture

Changes in Proportion of Members Working in Select Categories 1992, 2000, 2008Despite the hardships in the economy, membership in the AHA actually increased slightly over the past year. In our annual membership snapshot (taken on March 31 of each year), membership rose to over 15,000 members for the first time in 35 years. While this marks an important milestone, in real terms the 15,055 members marked only a modest increase (just 152 more than last year).

And beneath the changes on the surface, there was a troubling loss in the number of members in many of the higher dues-paying categories, as many faculty members and professional historians felt the effects of the economy.

AHA Council Adopts Resolution on the 2010 Meeting in San Diego

At its regular meeting today, the Council of the American Historical Association passed the following resolution in keeping with the spirit of a resolution adopted by the business meeting the previous day.

Resolution on the 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego

WHEREAS, The AHA is committed to equity in the workplace and equal rights regardless of race, ethnicity, religious belief, disability, gender, or sexual orientation;

WHEREAS, It is one aspect of the mission of the AHA to bring historical expertise to bear on issues of pressing public concern;

WHEREAS, The Council concurs with the spirit of the resolution approved by the 2009 business meeting; and

WHEREAS, A boycott of the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego in 2010 would actually benefit the owner financially, but would cause severe financial loss for the AHA;

Resolved, That the AHA will implement the following strategies that it believes will more effectively bring attention to this issue:


The 2007 AHA Annual Report

Seal of the AHAThe AHA’s Annual Report for 2007 is now available online. It contains a preface from former AHA president Barbara Weinstein, reports from Council, and lists of members (25-year, honorary, and life) and donors to the association. You’ll also find minutes of the business meeting, council decisions, and the financial report. Check out executive director Arnita Jones’s report  for an overview of 2007 that contains a number of helpful graphs created by assistant director of research and publications Robert B.

AHA Council Approves New Bylaws

Seal of the AHAAt its biennial meeting last week, the AHA Council revised the bylaws to the AHA’s Constitution. While the Constitution lays out the basic structure for the organization, the bylaws describe how the organization actually functions.

The most significant changes involve the composition of the new Finance Committee (replacing the old Board of Trustees), the relationship between the Council and the Divisions in the new structure, and clarify the process for selection and renewal of appointed officers. We also took this opportunity to develop a nomination and election schedule that reflects modern forms of electronic communications.

AHA Constitutional Change Process Continues

In response to the recent request for comments on the proposed constitutional amendments, AHA members have made several useful suggestions and some members have also helpfully pointed out some minor textual errors in the proposed revisions. We apologize for any inconvenience these errors have caused. Staff and council are working to further refine and clarify the proposed changes. The changes–with the typographical errors corrected–will be posted to the web site on or about October 19, 2007. Although the current Constitution blog closed at midnight October 15, 2007 members will have another opportunity to comment on the revised and corrected text of the proposed amendments from Friday October 19th until Monday, October 29, 2007.

October 16, 2007

Discussion Open on AHA Constitution Changes

The AHA’s Council is proposing amendments to the Association’s constitution to enable the AHA to meet its members’ needs more effectively and efficiently. Executive Director Arnita A. Jones explained the changes in her essay, “Time for Change,” which appeared in the September issue of Perspectives, along with the text of the constitution with the amendments.

Starting today, members can express their opinions about the pros and cons of amending the various clauses of the constitution on a discussion forum accessible through member services (available to AHA members only).

AHA Council Supports Statement Against Detention of Scholars in Iran

At its semiannual meeting on Sunday June 3, 2007, the AHA Council released the following statement (see the press room page on the AHA web site) in support of the recent letter from the Middle East Studies Association on the detention of scholars in Iran:

We, the members of the Council of the American Historical Association, write to express our support for the recent statements issued by the Middle East Studies Association protesting the arrests and detention of Dr. Haleh Esfandiari and Dr.