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Video: AHA Pacific Coast Branch Annual Meeting

This past August 11- 13, 2011, the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association held its annual meeting, on the theme of “Horizons of Change: The Unexpected, Unknown, and Unforgettable.” History News Network has posted videos from the conference on its website and YouTube channel. Here are a few...

What We’re Reading: November 18, 2010 Edition

Registration for the National Humanities Alliance's 2011 Annual Meeting and Humanities Advocacy Day opened this week. This yearly event is a great way to advocate for the humanities to Congress.  Speaking of advocating, we also point to an article by Antony Beevor, who argues for the importance of history in the classroom. Then, find a number of museum-related articles: a recent report proposed that the Smithsonian’s institutions start charging admission (and the Smithsonian responded), the National Archives holds a Civil War symposium this Saturday, and the Smithsonian’s Collections Search Center releases a video tutorial. Then, check out a blog devoted to Bing map mashups, Facebook now allows you to archive your data, Apple releases (for free) streaming video of The Beatles’ February 11, 1964 concert in D.C., and Wired takes a look at an 1,800 year old multi-tool. Article By: Elisabeth Grant and Robert B. Townsend
November 18, 2010

Summer in D.C.: 2009 History Related Events

The AHA's headquarters is located in D.C., amidst the hustle and bustle of Capitol Hill. Our location here is advantageous for a number of reasons, one of which being proximity to various history exhibits and events. In case you're in the area, or are traveling to D.C. for a vacation this summer, here are some events in D.C. you may want to check out... Article By: Elisabeth Grant

Show Your Work

The AHA calendar is the place to go on our web site for various fellowship, research, and seminar opportunities from history-friendly organizations. Let’s take a look at abridged versions of the calls for papers on the calendar with submission deadlines before the end of the academic year.