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Where Do We Go from Here? Reinvigorating Historical Education

Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein presented opening remarks at yesterday’s National History Center conference “Reforming History Education: New Research on Teaching and Learning.” Weinstein spoke on the necessity of effective historical education, purporting it as a means for “higher advocacy of coherent citizenship.” Weinstein emphasized the link between history education and the vitality of society—a link that experts echoed throughout the day as they debated the problems with history education policy and the future of the field.

National History Day Contest Commences at the Univ. of Maryland this Weekend

This year’s National History Day Contest challenged students in grades 6-12 to create original papers, exhibits, documentaries, and performances around the theme of “Triumph & Tragedy in History”. More than half million students participated and those who progressed through the local and state levels of the contest arrive at the University of Maryland this Sunday, June 10th to compete at the national level.

Upcoming Conference Focuses on Tribal Cultural Preservation

he 2007 National Conference of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums will take place this October 23-25 in downtown Oklahoma City. The theme this year is “Guardians of Language, Memory and Lifeways, ” with the conference logo featuring the Oklahoma State Capitol’s “The Guardian” statue. While the goal of the conference is to bring together American Indian librarians, historians, and tribal leaders, all who support tribal cultural preservation are welcome to join.

Promoting Progress: Register for this Interactive Workshop

The American Historical Association is pleased to announce the fifth in a series of workshops for department chairs, directors of graduate studies, and others interested in various aspects of graduate education. “Promoting Progress: An Interactive Workshop for Directors of Graduate Studies,” will take place on August 23, 2007, at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn in Virginia. The event will focus on the many crucial and complex challenges involved in ensuring successful and smooth progress of graduate students toward a degree.

Thinking Ahead

The Working Group on the Future of the AHA will be meeting at the end of this week, so this would be a good time to offer your thoughts on where you think the AHA (and by extension, the profession) is headed. Bill Chafe’s article in this month’s Perspectives goes into more detail about how the committee will work, and what they hope to accomplish.