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Fighting for History

This past Monday, HNN posted an opinion piece by Jesse Lemisch, professor emeritus of history, titled “History is Worth Fighting For, But Where is the AHA?” Lemisch points to Anthony Grafton and Jim Grossman’s recent Perspectives on History article “No More Plan B: A Very Modest Proposal for Graduate Programs in History” and criticizes it for not going farther, not pushing for more change, and for seeming to accept the current state of few history tenure-track jobs.

November 8, 2011

Historians in the News: “Gay Girl in Damascus”

It turns out that Tom MacMaster, the now infamously counterfeit “Gay Girl in Damascus” was an American graduate student in history. Todd Gitlin, in a thoughtful essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, notes that “evidently it comes as a belated surprise to a graduate student in history [emphasis in original] that falsification of authorship confounds the search for that elusive quiddity that historians are pleased to call truth, even if with a lower-case and not a capital T.”

I will leave it to individual readers to decide whether MacMaster was acting in his role as a graduate student in history.