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Kluge Prizewinner Romila Thapar Discusses Perceptions of India’s Past

On Tuesday, May 12, 2009, Romila Thapar, eminent historian of India, and recipient of the 2008 Kluge Prize for lifetime contributions to the study of humanity, delivered a lecture entitled “Perceptions of the Past in Early India” to a large audience in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Thapar demolished the argument that India lacked a history with an eloquent and erudite understanding derived from a new reading of Indian texts, which reflected, she said, a historical consciousness. Article By: Pillarisetti Sudhir

From the Archives: Why Can’t Historians Write?

A review in the Washington Post last Sunday reiterated the now tired claim that postmodernism in its various guises is responsible for poor writing in the discipline. While the constellation of methods gathered under that label rarely promote lucid prose, the latest addition to our online archives—a 1926 report about The Writing of History—shows the profession mulling over many of the same issues 80 years ago.

Academic Careers Wiki Hacked

The Academic Careers Wiki, a web site dedicated to providing the latest news and gossip about job openings and the status of searches in all academic disciplines, was hacked by a malicious user sometime late last week. The user, sporting an IP address from the Midwestern United States, started deleting whole fields in the wiki database, almost as fast as users could restore them.

What We’re Reading: December 13, 2007 Edition

In this edition of “What We’re Reading,” we start off a look at two reports: the 2006 Survey of Earned Doctorates, and a study of social science PhDs five years later. You’ll also find an article on a recent copyright symposium, a legal fight over a copy of the Declaration of Independence, and a new blogger joining the Brainstorm.
December 13, 2007