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JSTOR Gets a New Look (and Much More)

Over the weekend, JSTOR substantially changed its appearance and usability. Quite aside from a classy new look, the site now provides a number of new ways to navigate through the site and use the results.

Many of the changes will be immediately apparent to regular JSTOR users. Tabs on the site offer a variety of new ways to search and browse through the site (and out to related items) The Advanced Search allows for more refined searches, and perhaps best of all (at least for this regular user), when you are faced with a large set of results you can further refine your searches from results page.

JSTOR for all AHA Members

The University of Chicago Press is now making all 115 years of the American Historical Review available to AHA members through an arrangement with JSTOR. Members who log in to the AHR will now be able to browse, search, and read the Review from 1895 to the present.

For the past seven years, the Association only provided full JSTOR access to members for an added fee. With this new arrangement, all members of the Association will enjoy this access as part of their regular dues.

New Features at JSTOR

JSTOR, the scholarly journal archive, recently announced new features it has added to make searching article PDFs and finding keywords in articles easier. Articles in the High Quality PDF format on the site have been replaced with a new PDF format, which, besides making searching easier, also allows users to copy text, use screen-reading software, and download the files faster. JSTOR has also added “search term highlighting.” When users search using keywords, these words will now be highlighted throughout the JSTOR page images, making researching faster and more efficient.