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National History Center Holds Congressional Briefing on the Ukraine Crisis

Established by the AHA in 2002, the National History Center brings historians into conversation with policy makers to stress the importance of historical context in understanding current affairs. The NHC’s Congressional Briefings program invites leading historians to Capitol Hill to discuss the events that have influenced the evolution of current policies and alternatives.

January 27, 2015

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Workshop at Annual Meeting

The National History Center will partner with the AHA's Teaching Division and its Graduate and Early Career Committee (GECC) to present a workshop on "Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching" at the AHA's 125th Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, in January 2011. The all-day workshop will convene Thursday, January 6, and is aimed at graduate students and individuals new to teaching.
September 22, 2010

Call for Applications for the 2011 Decolonization Seminar

The National History Center is accepting applications from early-career scholars to participate in the sixth international summer seminar on decolonization, which will be held for four weeks, from Sunday, July 10, through Saturday, August 6, 2011, in Washington, D.C. Article By: Miriam Cunningham, assistant director of the National History Center
September 7, 2010

New Books in History Podcast of Atlantic World Book

The National History Center has entered into a partnership with New Books In History, which audiocasts interviews with historians discussing their latest research and writing. The first in the series offered in conjunction with the New Books in History focuses on the “Reinterpreting History” books, published by Oxford University Press. Article By: Miriam Hauss Cunningham, Administrative Officer of the National History Center
October 14, 2009

What We’re Reading: August 20, 2009 Edition

We start off this week with the news that the National History Center is now accepting applications for the 2010 Decolonization seminar. Then, check out an article on Paul Jennings, a slave in James Madison’s White House who wrote a memoir on his experiences there. From the blogs, NARA has joined the blogosphere and is already generating discussions, while the Library of Congress recently used its blog to report on new discoveries in its archives.  Finally, speaking of archives, check out Google’s newspaper archives, which recently quadrupled in size.  And take a look at Kate T.’s Archives 2.0 wiki, a new source for lists of online archives and more. Article By: David Darlington, Miriam Hauss Cunningham, Elisabeth Grant, and Vernon Horn

Limited War, Unlimited

The National History Center invites the public to attend its Decolonization Lecture Series featuring Professor Marilyn B. Young on Limited War, Unlimited. Article By: Miriam Hauss Cunningham, Administrative Officer of the National History Center