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War Posters in the World Digital Library

It’s easy to lose hours perusing the World Digital Library, stumbling across fascinating finds, clicking from place, to time, to topic, to type of item, to institution. Explore sketches of the Amistad captives, paintings of Peking opera characters, and illuminated manuscripts. Just a month ago in September 3rd edition of What We’re Reading we linked to a blog post’s collection of 20 Fascinating Ancient Maps found in the online library. Inspired by this roundup, we’ve searched the World Digital Library, and come across a number of interesting war posters.

Becoming A Historian: A Canadian Manual

Becoming a Historian: A Canadian ManualIn 2003, the AHA published Becoming a Historian: A Survival Manual, which presents practical information and advice for those at every stage of work in the history profession. It covers everything from how to apply for grad school, to navigating one’s graduate studies after getting in, to beginning the job search, to successfully interviewing, to transitioning into a faculty position, to getting published, and more.

The 2003 manual is the third incarnation of this book, following the first edition, a Manual for Women (and Other) Historians in 1975, and Becoming a Historian: A Manual for Women and Men in 1991.

New History Publications from the AHA

From Concept to Completion: A Dissertation-Writing Guide for History StudentsWith the AHA Publications Sales Shop online it has never been easier to order publications for class, research, or personal interest. Below we highlight a handful of the most recent publications.

Graduate Students

From Concept to Completion: A Dissertation Writing Guide for History Students
by the AHA Graduate and Early Career Committee

Filled with helpful tips, sage advice, and practical steps from outstanding historians, this pamphlet is a must-have resource for all graduate students about to begin the long and daunting road towards completing the PhD.

February 11, 2009

ACLS Humanities E-Book Adds New Titles

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) recently added 500 new titles online to Humanities E-Book. This addition now brings the Humanities E-Book digital collection up to 2,200 titles.

Notable among the recent additions is the AHA’s Guide to Historical Literature series. The three editions in this series (published in 1931, 1961, and 1995) offer “a selective inventory of the best historical literature in all fields, topics, and methods.” Over the years these volumes have provided snapshots of the best work in the discipline at any given time.

January 21, 2009

Buy AHA Publications Online

AHA Publications Sales ShopThe AHA would like to announce the launch of its new Publications Sales web site.  The AHA publishes over 90 different pamphlets, books, and directories covering a variety of issues related to the history profession.  This is the first time that the AHA has offered the sale of publications on the web and this web site will make it much easier to research and purchase AHA publications.  The web site will allow the AHA to keep publication related information as up to date as possible and provide faster service bringing our ordering process into the 21st century.  
The features of the new web site include:

  • Member discounts of 30%
  • Bulk discount of 20% when ordering 20 items or more.
October 15, 2008

From the Archives: GI Roundtable Revisited

Creating the Series

Kenneth Colgrove, a professor of Political Science at Northwestern University, wrote to Guy Stanton Ford of the AHA in August 1945:

Dear Guy:
Many thanks for your letter of the fourteenth of August, and for the five copies of What Shall Be Done about Japan after Victory? which you sent me. You indicate that I am the author of this little pamphlet, but I need a microscope in order to find even a few sentences which I recognize as my own.

Wars and Worries: A Late Addition to the G.I. Roundtable Series

For anyone interested in World War II era history, we have just posted up a pamphlet on the question _Shall We Have Universal Military Training_. This is a late addition to the series of pamphlets the AHA prepared for the U.S. Army during the war years, and posted online in 2002 as part of the web site Constructing a Postwar World: The G.I. Roundtable Series in Context. The 200,000 _Shall We Have Universal Military Training_ pamphlets originally printed by the War Department were censored and ultimately destroyed before publication.