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Wet with Blood: The Investigation of Mary Todd Lincoln’s Cloak

ne of the Chicago Historical Society’s prize artifacts is Mary Todd Lincoln’s alleged cloak from the night of her husband’s death. Is it really her cloak and is it really covered in Abraham Lincoln’s blood? Together with Academic Technologies at Northwestern University the Chicago Historical Society has created Wet with Blood, an interactive website that explores the mysteries of Mary Todd Lincoln’s cloak. Article By: Jessica Pritchard

Martha Washington: A Life

The Center for History and New Media (CHNM) and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens recently teamed up to create Martha Washington: A Life, an online biographical exhibit. Article By: Jessica Pritchard
December 16, 2009

Founders Early Access

One of the best ways to learn about democracy is to study documents from America’s Founding Fathers. Last year, Congress encouraged the National Archives to create an online forum that would make these documents more accessible to the public and historians alike. Article By: Jessica Pritchard
December 8, 2009

Remembering JFK – November 22, 1963

November 22, 1963. America was in the midst of the Cold War. The Cuban Missile Crisis had just taken place the year before. And to top it all off, JFK received a fatal shot while driving through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Article By: Jessica Pritchard
November 23, 2009

What We’re Reading: November 19, 2009 Edition

We start off this week with some news items: the Committee on Lesbian and Gay History has put out a press release for the 2010 AHA Annual Meeting and Georgetown University has a new masters in global history. Then, we look at the future of print: Syracuse University is keeping its “little used” books, Tom Peters at Library Journal weighs in, and some history students switch to the Kindle. We also link to a number of interviews this week. Hear from Richard Moe, individuals from the Depression and WWII, and editors Mark Philip Bradley and Marilyn Young. Three articles tackle a variety of topics: academic writing, the history of the internet, and the end of the ‘00s. And finally, take a look at Lincoln through dance, view lesser known photos from the JFK investigation, and see remembrances of Veteran’s Day around the world with the Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog. Article By: Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, Arnita Jones, Jessica Pritchard, and Robert B. Townsend
November 19, 2009

What We’re Reading: June 18, 2009 Edition

A recent article in the New York Times on “traditional history courses” has created a bit of a stir in the blogosphere. We start off this post by linking to the article and some responses. Then, check out Michele Lamont’s view of the field of history, read about a new college for history only, and listen to a layman’s approach to historic preservation. And finally, see historic newspapers on the Library of Congress Flickr page, read a critique of Google Books, learn seven lesser-known Civil War stories, revisit a two-century-old mystery, and learn about the life of Gypsy Rose Lee. Article By: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, and Robert B. Townsend

Remembering Our First Ladies

The White House has not only seen its fair share of great men walk its hallways, but also great women. We thought we might pay tribute to some of the leading First Ladies, highlighting some of their social and political contributions, as well as giving fun trivial tidbits. In addition to the sites listed below on individual First Ladies, you may also want to visit EdSitement’s “Remembering the Ladies” and the New York Times’ Leading Ladies lesson plans for supplementary material in the classroom. Additionally, White House 101 offers fun activities for students of all ages, covering topics from presidential facts to White House pets. Article By: Jessica Pritchard