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AHA’s Two-Year College Task Force Begins Work

The ad hoc Two-Year College Task Force, which was established by the AHA’s Council in January 2009, has begun its work of exploring various issues relating to history faculty at two-year colleges. At the end of its three-year tenure, the task force is expected to present a set of recommendations to Council.
October 27, 2009

More Ways to Share

The world of Web 2.0 is all about sharing. From photos to YouTube videos to academic articles, if it can be linked, people want to share. Now at AHA Today you can share blog posts in two new ways: through e-mail and on Facebook. Article By: Elisabeth Grant

CISH Invites Paper Proposals for the 2010 Amsterdam Congress

The International Committee for Historical Sciences (known more commonly by the French acronym, CISH) is going forward rapidly with the organizational work for the 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences, to be held August 22-28, 2010, in Amsterdam. The bureau now invites individual scholars to submit--by February 1, 2009--proposals for individual papers for each type of session.
October 22, 2008

Brief Blog Vacation

This week AHA Today will be taking a brief vacation. Regular daily entries will resume next week, starting with Robert Townsend’s examination of changing research habits in the profession. In the absence of new content we encourage you to read some of our popular blog posts and check out a variety of resources on the historians.org site: Popular posts Resources at historians.org

Talking about the Future of the AHA

We hope members—and everyone in the profession with an interest in the future of our disciplinary society—will take a little time to read the report of the Working Group on the Future of the AHA, which can be found in both the print and online versions of the April issue of Perspectives on History. We hope all members of the Association will review the Working Group’s recommendations, and submit their comments and suggestions...