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What’s in the June AHR?

American Historical Review - June 2009Members will soon be receiving their copies of the June 2009 issue of the American Historical Review. It contains an article on Tamil migrants to Malaya in the 19th century, an AHR Roundtable entitled “Historians and Biography,” and an AHR Forum on Simon Schama’s History of Britain. There are also four Featured Reviews, followed by our regular Book Review section.


In “Tamil Diasporas across the Bay of Bengal,” Sunil S. Amrith examines the history of Tamil migration to the Straits Settlements and Peninsular Malaya since the beginning of the 19th century.

February 2009 – American Historical Review Online

The American Historical Review, February 2009The February issue of the American Historical Review is now available online.

The issue contains the 2008 Presidential Address, an article on business and governments in the early 20th century, and part one of an AHR Forum on “The International 1968.”  As always, these are followed by our extensive Book Review section, which includes several Featured Reviews. 

As is traditional, the lead article is the Address by the outgoing President of the American Historical Association, Gabrielle M. Spiegel, delivered at the Annual Meeting in New York City in January.

What We’re Reading: February 12, 2009 Edition

Manuscript from the Catalogue of Digitized ManuscriptsIn last week’s What We’re Reading, we linked to a New York Times story about an article under consideration for publication in the American Historical Review. This week we link to a follow-up in the NYT about how the article was rejected, and to AHR editor Robert Schneider’s response to the whole leaked article situation. Then, read about two policy statements that deal with oral history and Institutional Review Boards (IRB). Lincoln gets two mentions in this week’s post when we link to an interview with James McPherson and to new photos on the Library of Congress Flickr page.

February 12, 2009

JSTOR for all AHA Members

The University of Chicago Press is now making all 115 years of the American Historical Review available to AHA members through an arrangement with JSTOR. Members who log in to the AHR will now be able to browse, search, and read the Review from 1895 to the present.

For the past seven years, the Association only provided full JSTOR access to members for an added fee. With this new arrangement, all members of the Association will enjoy this access as part of their regular dues.

AHR Online at its New Home at University of Chicago Press

The American Historical ReviewThe American Historical Review has now completed its transition to the University of Chicago Press web site. Recent issues started appearing on the site in the beginning of November, and now a number of advanced features have been added, making the new AHR fully available. Over the next few weeks, additional content will be added to the site, filling in the gap between the current issue and the last issue available through JSTOR.

As in the past, the basic text of AHR articles will be free to the public to enhance discoverability of new history scholarship.

The American Historical Review – October Issue Online

October 2007 American Historical ReviewThe October issue of the American Historical Review can now be found online at its new home with the University of Chicago Press. Transition to the new site is still underway, and at this point articles are available only in PDF format. In the near future, however, they will be available in both PDF and html format. Until December 2007, the AHR is also available at the History Cooperative.

The delay in the posting was a result of the transition of our content to the web site of the University of Chicago Press.

November 20, 2007

AHR Online in Transition

The October 2007 issue of the American Historical Review is now online at its new home with the University of Chicago Press. The October issue joins the June issue, but, in time the last three years of issues will also be housed at the new site (filling in the gap between the latest issue and the archival issues available through JSTOR). AHA members will have full access to the Review when they login to AHA member services. In the near future, the member site will contain both html and pdf versions of the Review.

June Issue of the American Historical Review Online Now

The June issue of the American Historical Review contains two articles and an AHR Forum. One article offers an argument for an expansive understanding of the history of sensibilities, while the other takes us to Berlin, circa 1800, for an analysis of the impact of public clocks on emerging notions of time discipline. The Forum provides three perspectives on the Atlantic world in the 18th and early 19th century, focusing on imperial presence of Britain, Spain, and France.