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Historians and Material Culture

This is one of a series of AHA Today posts on subjects of importance to the history profession that were discussed at the 2015 annual meeting. The author, Sarah Jones Weicksel, is a PhD candidate in US history and a fellow at the Center for the Study for Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago. She is currently at work on her dissertation, entitled “The Fabric of War: Clothing, Culture and Violence in the American Civil War Era.” She received an MA from the Winterthur Program in American Material Culture at the University of Delaware and a BA in history from Yale University.

“The Real AHA”: Historians Reflect on Past Annual Meetings

In anticipation of the upcoming AHA 2015 annual meeting, we have compiled commentaries from attendees of previous meetings on their experiences. 

Past Annual Meetings


As a graduate student, the AHA’s annual meetings have been essential for the development of my dissertation, as well as for my general growth as a scholar and educator. By participating in panels, I’ve had the opportunity to more deeply engage others in my work, and one of my conference papers was eventually transformed into a published article. Moreover, in attending sessions that lie beyond my specialization, I’ve discovered new methods, points of comparison, and historians interested in similar questions—the basis for future panels!