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Time Maps and Careers for History Majors

Maps of Time Data As NarrativeJob seekers: If you are thinking about careers outside academia, here is something for your cover letters. From a panel at this year’s SXSW, “Maps of Time: Data as Narrative” (audio of the panel is available through that link and worth listening to), comes one of the clearest invitations to history majors thinking broadly about their career paths:

Living in the eternal now, surrounded by our tweets, facebook posts and other copious amounts of social and highly personalized information, we forget the importance of history and historical reasoning and influence in our work.

Small Signs of Improvement in Academic History Jobs

Number of History PhD's and Advertised Job Openings 1970-71 to 2011-12In advance of the annual meeting, we are publishing the annual job report a day earlier than the rest of the January issue of Perspectives on History. The report notes small signs of improvement, in both the number of jobs advertised and the mix of positions available. But there are still some troubling indicators—the number of applicants for positions continued to rise in every major field of specialization, and the number of students both earning and working toward doctoral degrees in history remains exceptionally high relative to the number of jobs available.

Jobs and Careers on AHA Today

Just last week we celebrated AHA Today’s 5th birthday, and while we were looking back at all the posts over the years we rounded up a few from one of our most popular topics: jobs. Below, take a look back with us through articles on job ads, interviews with historians in a range of non-academic jobs, and a few of Robert Townsend’s reports on what a history major is worth.

Job Ads
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