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Our War: American Reflections on the Civil War

“Being in the funeral business . . . You hear things that you should never acknowledge. You hold history in your hands. You watch history buried. And you realize that people depend on you to keep their true history alive. So when it’s your own story, you don’t want to hear it. Especially when you’re young. Especially when you’re trying to run away from what you are told is your family legacy.”—Isaac in Charles Randolph-Wright’s “Being Wright”

National Park Service’s New Civil War Website

Last Wednesday, the National Park Service announced the launch of its new Civil War website, and the stories, timelines, featured places, and educational resources now available there. We noted the new site in last week’s “What We’re Reading” post, and today we take a closer look at all it offers. Article By: Elisabeth Grant

Civil War Resources: Teaching the Sesquicentennial

Two years ago on AHA Today we put together a number of Civil War Resources for teachers, historians, and anyone interested in this critical time in our nation’s history. As we continue to mark the Civil War’s Sesquicentennial, we invite you to look back at the resources in that previous post and also to revisit, EDSITEment’s Civil War Lesson Plans, articles from the National Archives Prologue magazine, and past AHA Today articles mentioned below. Article By: Elisabeth Grant

What We’re Reading: April 29, 2010 Edition

We start off this week with a selection of articles on history and new media. First up, Slate magazine looks at how historians may use the Twitter archive in the future. Then, listen to a Digital Campus podcast on “social history,” read Sharon Leon’s series on "21st Century Public History,” and check out a new document on the National Library of Medicine’s Turning the Pages site. Following this are a number of American history related articles: K.C. Johnson looks at what’s “deemphasized” in the teaching of U.S. history, Inside Higher Ed looks at the Tea Party movement and the misconstruing of American history, the Legal History Blog notes a new journal on Civil War history, and more. Finally, a historian admits to dissing his competition on Amazon and NPR looks at “land bought by newly freed slaves in the 1860s and 1870s” seven generations later. Article By: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Jessica Pritchard, and Robert B. Townsend

Civil War Resources

This past Monday actor Robert Duvall sent news agencies buzzing when he said “he will help preservationists in ‘chasing out’ [Wal-mart] from a site near the Wilderness Battlefield” where they are planning on building a 138,000 square-foot supercenter (a fight that began last year). Preserving Civil War history is an important, and sometimes contentious topic. In this post we bring you a host of Civil War related resources online, for use in the classroom, in research, or in one’s free time. Article By: Elisabeth Grant