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Historical Thinking in the Present: More on Disenfranchisement, Then and Now

We wanted to call readers’ attention to the following, from Jonathan Bernstein at the Washington Post blog, The Plum Line “Some textbook treatments of the franchise in U.S. history treat voting as a gradual but sustained series of victories, taking the nation from propertied white men in the eighteenth century to, eventually, the vote for all adults eighteen and up. That story is wrong.”

Professional Organizations and Political Engagements: An OAH Discussion

In advance of its upcoming annual meeting, the Organization of American Historians held an online forum on “Professional Organizations and Political Engagements.” Current and former members of the OAH Executive Board discussed the various complex issues related to requests for a scholarly society to support causes that might or might not be part of the mission of their organizations. Article By: Elisabeth Grant

Five History Books Recommended by You

Last Thursday we asked: “What book or author has had the longest running impact on you?” You quickly responded with great feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, providing over 50 suggestions (see them all by clicking those links). Today, we’ve pulled out just five of your book picks... Article By: Elisabeth Grant

Archives Experiences

Last week on the AHA’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages we asked our followers to “Tell us about an experience you’ve had in the archives.” We received some great stories, and in case you missed them, we note a few below. Article By: Elisabeth Grant