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History is All Fun and Games

Games can entertain, occupy, and captivate. Games can also teach. Trevor Owens and Jim Safley at George Mason’s Center for History and New Media recognized the educational value of games and how games can “promote humanities learning,” and so they created the Playing History web site. Article By: Elisabeth Grant

Our Courts in the Classroom

In response to the concern “that students are not getting the information and tools they need for civic participation,” Justice Sandra Day O’Connor created the Our Courts web site to encourage middle school students to explore 21st century civics through the site’s interactive resources. Article By: Jessica Pritchard

What We’re Reading: May 13, 2010 Edition

In the news this week, the ArchivesNext blog is looking for nominations for their “Best Archives on the Web” awards.  We also feature two posts this week on online historical resources: new lesson plans on EDSITEment and a roundup of digital archives.  Keep reading for links to articles on the academic job market (and a football player who almost got his PhD in history), how to read history books, a book review from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, and using historical maps in one’s research. Finally, taking a trip this summer? Perhaps you want to stay in a hotel that owns a historic site. Article By: Elisabeth Grant and Robert B. Townsend

Inuit Contact: An Arctic Culture Teaching Resource

Much of history stems from exploration—of land, of resources, of people. The Inuit Heritage Trust, which is committed to protecting the heritage of arctic peoples, has created Inuit - Contact and Colonization, a resourceful teaching web site dedicated to takurngaqtaq, an Inuit term that translates to “encountering something for the first time.” Article By: Jessica Pritchard
November 16, 2009

Picturing U.S. History: An Interactive Resource for Teaching with Visual Evidence

It seems everywhere we turn today we’re reading and hearing about new digital media fronts, especially when it comes to scholarly research and alternative teaching methods. Picturing U.S. History: An Interactive Resource for Teaching with Visual Evidence, a collaborative project between the American Social History Project and the Center for Media and Learning at City University of New York Graduate Center, is certainly no exception... Article By: Jessica Pritchard
November 4, 2008