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Help Transcribe Historic Menus

What's on the menuThe New York Public Library needs your help in transcribing its collection of over 10,000 digitized historic restaurant menus at its “What’s on the Menu” site. These menus are morsels of history that date back to the 1840s, but in their current state are difficult to search for specific information, like dishes, prices, and other details.

Just like the Civil War letters transcription project we reported on a few months ago, harnessing the power of the masses allows organizations like this to complete these projects faster and at much lower costs.

What We’re Reading: July 14, 2011 Edition

This week we start off with a look at the new Alt-Academy careers website, Android apps for academics, and an oral history tool. Then, from the news, an attempted historical document theft, possible cuts in the Census budget, and a rethinking of Robert F. Kennedy’s papers in the JFK Library. We also link to articles on the role of community colleges in humanities teaching, further thoughts on Google’s failed newspaper digitization project, and the movement (or lack thereof) of senior faculty.

Hungry for History: Articles and Exhibits on the History of Food

The history of food offers a window into past cultural preferences, government control, and food production changes over time. Today we take a quick look at an upcoming exhibit from the National Archives and link to a few other history of food resources.

National Archives: “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?”
The National Archives’ “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” exhibit will go on view from June 10, 2011 through January 3, 2012, and will examine the U.S. “government’s effect on the American diet” from the Revolutionary War through the Cold War.