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Google Tools for Students and Scholars – Part 3: Sketching in 3D

There are many possible educational uses for Google SketchUp, ranging from students creating structures from ancient Rome to designing additions for their current schools. In addition to its possible academic applications, it’s also just kind of fun.

Doe Library

Google SketchUp is a free tool that you download and use to create 3D models (there’s also a professional version with a price tag). It’s integrated with Google Earth, so once you’ve created your building you can place it on a map.

Google Tools for Students and Scholars – Part 2: Easier Online Projects

Group projects are a guaranteed part of the undergraduate experience, but coordinating group members’ conflicting schedules to share work can become the bane of any student’s existence. This is why every student should know about Google Docs and Google Notebook. Both tools allow users to store documents and notes online through their free Google account, and then share them with others.

Google Docs (& spreadsheets actually) allows users to upload files or create them online. Then they can invite others to come and view or edit the documents.

Google Tools for Students and Scholars – Part 1: Search like an Academic

The Google search engine has become so ubiquitous it’s now a verb (“I googled it”). But while the search engine is widely known, many of Google’s other tools go less noticed. Over a series of future posts this blog will examine a number of tools from Google that students and scholars alike may find particularly useful.

Since most people go to Google to search, it makes sense to begin this series by highlighting two other search options Google provides. These are Google Scholar and Google Book Search.