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What We’re Reading: July 8, 2010 Edition

Hopefully your summer includes a little vacation time. To aid you in planning where to visit, we start this post off with some links about museums: 12 history trips from the New York Times, simulations in natural history museums, how the National Archives preserves the Declaration of Independence, and a new exhibit review blog from the National Council on Public History. Then, while the noise of fireworks is still ringing in your ears, read about why July 5th is a day to be celebrated too, and NPR clears up some myths about the 4th. Summer is also a good time for reading as EDSITEment delves into To Kill a Mockingbird while the New Books in History podcast notes Jerry Muller's new book. Finally, get acquainted with the U.S. House of Representatives historian, remember the Newport Jazz Festival riot, learn of EDSITEment's award from the AASL, read about preserving churches in Britain, and grab your laptop and some coffee because Starbucks now has free wifi.

Memorial Day 2010

Today we observe Memorial Day. To learn about its history, how to teach students about it, and more, see the collection of links we’ve rounded up below. Article By: Elisabeth Grant

What We’re Reading: November 26, 2009 Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of this delicious holiday, we start off this week’s What We’re Reading with Thanksgiving and food related posts.  Then, check out images from the Library of Congress’s Flickr page, Yuri Dojc's “Last Folio” exhibit, and a forgotten file at the Denver Post.  Finally listen to an NPR story on “An Unlikely African-American Music Historian,” take a look at “Mr. Wilson’s University,” and check out Jeffrey Herf’s “Hate Radio” along with Richard Wolin’s response, ”Herf’s Misuses of History.” Article By: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, and Jessica Pritchard
November 26, 2009