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Jobs in the History Profession: Two Sessions at the 126th Annual Meeting

Of the nearly 5,000 attendees at this year’s annual meeting were some ostensibly similar historians who’d come to Chicago for two quite dissimilar reasons. There were those eager to participate in one or more of the 250 panels covering an astonishing array of topics, and those—just as eager, but surely more anxious too—with their eye on only one prize: a job Article By: Sarah Fenton, AHA Consulting Editor
January 18, 2012

The 2011 Job Center by the Numbers

Let’s take a look at the numbers around the 2011 Job Center. Activity at the Job Center rebounded a bit after a down year at San Diego, as staff tracked 168 total searches at the 2011 meeting, compared to 115 for 2010. Article By: David Darlington

Job Center Handout Now Online

The 2011 Job Center Handout is now available on our web site here (PDF). This document includes a review of how the Job Center works, plus a list of all the job searches taking place in Boston that have been reported to the AHA as of December 13. Article By: David Darlington

The Job Center: What Candidates Need to Know

So the time has come to look for a new job. The Job Center is one of the places you'll need to be. A big part of each and every AHA annual meeting, at the Job Center we hope to connect you as a candidate with the search committee that has the right position for you. As there are a lot of new people in the job market every year, here we thought we'd answer the most frequent questions candidates have about the Job Center. Article By: David Darlington

Job Center Preview

Now that you know how the Job Center works, you may want to know which institutions are going to be there this year. The Job Center Handout (PDF), usually provided on site to job candidates, gives us a good preview of who will be conducting interviews in San Diego. Article By: David Darlington

Video: The AHA Job Center How-To Guide

Attention job seekers who are about to use the AHA's Job Center! Just in time for its 124th Annual Meeting in San Diego, the AHA presents a new explanatory video to help guide new and previous users through its Job Center Article By: Chris Hale
December 15, 2009