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Exploring Career Horizons at AHA 2015

The AHA’s second annual Career Fair is shaping up to be a unique opportunity for job candidates, students, and early career professionals to explore the wide variety of avenues to use their history training in fascinating and fulfilling ways.

Search Committees: Start Planning Ahead Now to Schedule Conference Interviews in a Timely Manner

Search committees that will be conducting interviews at the AHA annual meeting in New Orleans should plan to schedule conference interviews more than 21 days before the first day of the meeting. That means that all interviews should be scheduled by mid-December.

At its June meeting, the AHA Council amended the Guidelines for the Hiring Process to specify that “Ideally, applicants should be notified of a conference interview more than 21 days in advance to allow them to take advantage of less expensive air fares and preregistration rates.”

When interviews are scheduled at the last minute, candidates are saddled with unnecessary extra costs.

The PhD Gap: Worrisome Trends in the Hiring of Junior Faculty

In response to a question from Stacy Patton for her Chronicle of Higher Education article, “Stale PhDs Need Not Apply,” I put together the accompanying chart from my surveys of job advertisers. The trends are quite fascinating, and could have significant implications for the training and preparation of new PhDs and the expectations of those currently in the history job market.

Members of the profession generally recognize that the traditional model of newly minted PhDs filling the junior ranks of the profession increasingly reflects a bygone era.

AHA Seeking New Associate Editor for Perspectives on History

December Perspectives

The American Historical Association is looking for a historian to join the publications team as associate editor of Perspectives on History, the AHA’s monthly newsmagazine. The associate editor serves in a variety of writing and editorial capacities at the Association’s headquarters office, working primarily on content for the newsmagazine, but also social media and press relations work as well as assisting with other print and online publications as time allows. The associate editor will participate in a team effort to revise, plan, and develop an integrated suite of print and digital publications.

September 5, 2012

More on “The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps”

The recent Chronicle of Higher Education article, on the struggles of Ph.D. students and graduates on public assistance, raises a vitally important issue, one that deserves the full discussion now taking place online. I was glad to provide comments for the article, but, no doubt, space constraints made a fuller quotation of my longer replies to the Chronicle impossible. So here, to help continue the conversation, are two additional follow-up questions submitted to me via email on March 30, 2012, and my complete, unedited replies.

Hiring: AHA Assistant Editor, Web Content and Social Media

Hiring AHA Assistant Editor Web Content and Social MediaThe American Historical Association is seeking a detail-oriented self-starter to assist in updating and maintaining content on the AHA’s website and social media outlets.

The assistant editor for web content and social media reviews and posts information, maintains the schedule for updating content, and solicits updated information for key sections of the site. Basic copyediting skills, comfort working with HTML code, and the ability to work independently as well as in a team environment are essential.

Experience with the digital humanities and social media strategy a plus.

Job Opening: Staff Accountant for the AHA

The AHA is hiring a Staff Accountant. The Staff Accountant is an integral part of the business office team. The position requires an individual who is motivated, well-organized and possesses the ability to communicate effectively. This position reports directly to the Controller and Marketing Manager and plays a key role in the day-to-day financial operations of the Association. See the Staff Accountant job description for a list of job responsibilities, required qualifications, and instructions on how to apply.

The AHA is also hiring for two other positions: an Associate Editor for Perspectives on History and a Special Projects Coordinator.

September 30, 2011